Cleaning Your Glass Whiteboard

Cleaning Instructions

    • Simple to clean with a whiteboard eraser or cloth
    • Even permanent marker can be removed
    • No staining or discolouration of the whiteboard over time
Erasing whiteboard marker from your Glass Whiteboard is a breeze. We sell whiteboard erasers that will clean the Glass Whiteboards with ease, or simply wipe over with a cloth.

After sustained use, your Glass Whiteboards can be sponged with mild detergent in water and dried with a cloth, or cleaned with Windex. Cleaners specially recommended for glass cleaning are preferable. Even permanent marker is easily removed from Glass Whiteboards using alcohol or methylated spirits. There will be none of the ‘ghosting’ or staining that can occur over time with the traditional whiteboard.
glass whiteboard erasers

Further Recommendations:

    • Ensure that your cleaning equipment (sponges, whiteboard cleaner etc.) are grit free, to avoid scratching the Glass Whiteboard.
    • Do not use blades or scrapers.
    • Cleaners containing Hydrofluric or Phosphoric acid will corrode the Glass Whiteboard, so do not use.
    • Avoid scouring pads or abrasive or powder based cleaners.
    • Extreme temperature changes to glass can lead to breakage (thermal fractures).
    • Avoid placing other materials in contact with the Glass Whiteboard.
    • Do not clean Glass Whiteboards in direct sunlight or if the glass is hot.
    • If your Glass Whiteboard is installed during office construction, ensure that you cover the whiteboard to prevent damage. Be careful to avoid contact with concrete dust or construction dust resulting from floor sanding, sandblasting or welding.
This information is offered as a general guide only. Consult a glazier or professional window cleaner for specific instructions on cleaning toughed glass.

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