Created Custom Solutions

Clever solutions to tricky problems

Our customers often come to us with design problems that we do our best to solve. This client wanted their new whiteboard to integrate seamlessly into their existing aluminium window frame. Our team visited their office and came up with an idea to make the whiteboard look like ‘it belonged’ in the space. The 1500mm x 900mm whiteboard was laminated onto black MDF sheet before installation, creating a black frame around the whiteboard that replicated the thickness and colour of the window frame. This look really fitted the client’s brief. Keeping our customers happy is what we love doing best!
Another example was a client who wanted a glass whiteboard positioned in an area that had a spectacular visual timeline printed on the wall. Our client didn’t want the whiteboard covering or detracting from this focal point, but a clear whiteboard would mean anything written on it would be difficult to see with the images behind. We came up with a practical and inspired solution – mounting a white roller blind that can be pulled down behind the glass when the whiteboard is in use. Sometimes thinking outside the box is the way to keep our customers happy. The customer was thrilled, emailing “I think your guys will tell you I LOVED them! Great work, thank you!” Keeping our customers happy is what we love doing best!
Another tricky issue was a client who lacked available wall space to hang a whiteboard in their boardroom. Our design solution was to create a sliding frame over an existing kitchen servery housing 2 sliding whiteboard panels.During presentations the whiteboard panels are visible and functional, but at break times the boards can be slid to one side to give access to the servery area. With over 25 years experience in the building industry we have the technical knowledge to come up with unique solutions to complicated problems. Let us find a custom solution for you.

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