Form And Function

Form And Function

Our range of Glass Whiteboards are:

  • Beautiful and functional
  • Easy to write on
  • Simple to clean
  • Stain proof
  • Made from toughened safety glass
  • Versatile
The Glass Whiteboard is an innovative product that combines the functionality of the traditional whiteboard with a modern and polished look that is suited to the most corporate of work places.

Easy to write on, the non-porous surface of the glass is stain proof and incredibly simple to clean. The array of sizes in our range offers a variety of applications – from the home, to restaurants and office buildings. Made from low iron, toughened glass, the Glass Whiteboard is a product that can be customised to incorporate company logos and branding and will give a sleek and professional image to any work space.

The benefit of low iron glass in the Glass Whiteboards is the colour enhancement provided by the process. Low iron glass offer a purity of colour, with no blue or green tint. This ensures that colours will be “true to life”.

The toughened glass used in our Glass Whiteboards ensures that the product is easy to transport and safe to hang.

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