Installation – Glass Shelves

Installation Of Glass Pen Shelves

What you Get

Tools You Will Need

  • Drill & drill bits,
  • Philips head screw driver,
  • Tape measure,
  • Pencil

Installation Method

Find your desired position for your Glass Pen Shelf – we recommend about 80mm under the Glass Whiteboard. Mark the centre of where your Glass Whiteboard is installed and then mark the centre of the shelf. Line your 2 marks up. Mark on the wall the position of your Standoffs, evenly spaced, Drill into the wall. Attach the fixings provided. Ensure that when installing the Glass Pen Shelf you use the plastic gasket supplied between the glass and the Standoff. Tighten the grub screws with an Allen key. Do not over tighten the Standoff as damage may occur.

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